Conversación M (55 minutos)

Conversation class

This course focuses on conversation so you will have the opportunity to improve and refine:

  • Your conversational skills.
  • Your fluency by focusing on specific tasks.
  • Your pronunciation by:
    • Learning to recognise specific sounds and reproduce them;
    • Finding your perfect speech pace;
    • Learning to use your mouth to produce those difficult sounds.
  • Your intonation: sound like a native! Learn how to join words in more complex sentences and express yourself effectively: intonation communicates your emotions and intentions.
  • Focus on cultural awareness.
  • During the course you will be encouraged to record yourself.

Conversación M

55 minutes of conversation class (Online)

31,00 €

Conversación M (5 sesiones)

5 x 55 minutes of conversation class (Online)

142,00 €

Conversacion M (10 sesiones)

55 minutes of conversation class (Online)

275,00 €

For more information, please contact me (Spanish, German or English).

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